Sample Syllabus Language

UA Policy on Academic Misconduct

Students will be expected to uphold the Academic Honor Code:

“All students in attendance at the University of Alabama are expected to be honorable and to observe standards of conduct appropriate to a community of scholars. The University expects from its students a higher standard of conduct than the minimum required to avoid discipline. Academic misconduct includes all acts of dishonesty in any academically related matter and any knowing or intentional help or attempt to help, or conspiracy to help, another student.”

The Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Policy will be followed in the event of academic misconduct.

Students will also be expected to uphold the Capstone Creed:

“As a member of The University of Alabama community, I will pursue knowledge, act with fairness, integrity and respect; promote equity and inclusion; foster individual and civic responsibility; and strive for excellence in all I do.”

My Policy on Original Work

All papers turned in for this class should be your own work and should be written by you expressly in response to the assignment prompt for this course/section in this semester. You may not submit papers written by others (whether other students, from printed texts, purchased, or downloaded or cut/copied and pasted from the Web); nor can you “recycle” papers written by you for other classes or in other semesters unless you first discuss this with your instructor and obtain express written permission. If you are in doubt about your work, please talk with your teacher before you turn it in for grading.

UA Policy on Use of Turnitin

The University of Alabama is committed to helping students uphold the ethical standards of academic integrity in all areas of study. Students agree that their enrollment in this course allows the instructor the right to use electronic devices to help prevent plagiarism. All course materials are subject to submission to for the purpose of detecting textual similarities. Assignments submitted to will be included as source documents in’s restricted access database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism in such documents. will be used as a source document to help students avoid plagiarism in written documents.

We will use TurnItIn at the draft stage in the writing process so that you can check your source usage and ask for help before your assignment is due for grading. We will also use TII PeerMark for online peer review, and your papers will be submitted electronically via TII GradeMark for online grading.

Download syllabus statements as a printable pdf.